8-Channel, Synchronous Boost WLED Driver with I2C Interface Evaluation Board

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Product Description

The EV3372-R-00A is an evaluation board for the MP3372, a synchronous boost converter with eight current channels. The IC is designed to drive WLED arrays for LCD panels in tablets and notebook backlighting applications.

The MP3372 uses peak current mode and pulse-width modulation (PWM) control to regulate the boost converter. The MP3372 employs a standard I2C digital interface to set the operation mode, switching frequency, full-scale current for each channel, sync or non-sync mode, dimming mode and duty, and various protection thresholds.

The low-headroom voltage for LED regulation and small on resistance of the switching MOSFET provide the MP3372 with high efficiency. The synchronous rectifier saves PCB size and total BOM cost.

The MP3372 is available in a QFN-24 (4mmx4mm) package.

Product Features

  • 3V to 30V Input Voltage Range
  • Maximum 2.5% Current Matching
  • 350kHz/500kHz/650kHz,/800kHz/950kHz/  1.2MHz Selectable fSW
  • A1 Pins for Two I2C Addresses
  • 0mA to 50mA Full-Scale LED Current, 8 Bits, 0.196mA/Step
  • Selectable Sync or Non-Sync Mode
  • Multi-Dimming Operation Mode Includes:Analog Dimming via External PWM Input, 10-Bit Resolution
  • Analog Dimming via I2C, 10-Bit Resolution
  • PWM Dimming via External PWM Input, 14-Bit Resolution
  • PWM Dimming via I2C, 14-Bit Resolution
  • Mixed Dimming Mode via External PWM Input with 6.25%/12.5%/25%/50% Transfer Point, 14-Bit PWM Duty Resolution
  • Mixed Dimming Mode via I2C with 6.25%/12.5%/25%/50% Transfer Point, 14-Bit PWM Duty Resolution
  • Phase Shift Function during PWM Dimming (Including PWM Dimming during Mixed Dimming)
  • Linear Smooth Dimming with 2µs, 4µs, 8µs, 16µs, 32µs, 64µs, or 128µs Step-Slope Set
  • Unused LED String Auto-Disable at Start-Up
  • LED Short/Open Protection, OTP, OCP, Inductor or Diode Short Protection:
  • 2.5V, 5V, 7.5V, 10V LED Short Threshold
  • 24V, 31V, 37.5V, or 46V OVP Threshold
  • 1.8 or 2.5A Current Limit
  • Cascade Function to Share Power Stage
  • Available in a QFN-24 (4mmx4mm) Package


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