Power Modules

Power Modules

MPS Power Modules offer superior performance and size advantages when compared to other industry leading solution. The monolithic design allows for faster switching frequency, which leads to ultra fast transient response and size reduction. Our high efficiency and advanced packaging make thermal design easy.

Small Size & Ease of Use

Minimal extrenal components

Easy layout

Fast design cycle


Meets EN55022 Class B

EMI standard

Scalability & Programmability


Graphic user interface available

Encapsulated Module with Integrated Inductor
Configurable Vout, Iout to Your Needs
Open Frame Modules with Integrated Inductor & Passives

MPS Power Modules have a wide range of Vin and Iout with a variety of packages. Our extensive portfolio of DC DC modules integrate inductors, FETs, compensation and other passive compoents into a single package to simplify the design process.

mEZD81260A Power Module

High Input, Ultra Small, Ultra Low EMI Module

The MPM3550E is a high-density, non-isolated, DC/DC power module for space-sensitive applications. The module offers a very compact solution that achieves 5A of continuous output current with fast transient and good stability over a wide input supply and load range. The MPM3550E can provide an adjustable output voltage from 1.0 - 12.0V via an external FB resistor (default 3.3V output). Ultra-high efficiency is achieved through the use of synchronous rectification and control techniques.

The MPM3550E offers standard features, including an internal fixed soft start, remote enable control, and power good indicator. The MPM3550E has fully integrated protection features, including over-current protection (OCP), short-circuit protection (SCP), output under-voltage protection (UVP), input under-voltage lockout (UVLO), and thermal shutdown.

The electronics industry is evolving and these changes are having a big effect on the power design market. Design engineers are now seeing how modules can provide benefits over traditional discrete designs. Modules from Monolithic Power Solutions (MPS) can further add to the competitive advantages of power modules, such as ease of design, cost effectiveness, efficiency and size, with the additional benefits of higher performance from the company’s own market-leading ICs, higher modular integration leading to easier PCB layouts, and drop-in solutions that require no design work.

MPS power modules are ultra-efficient and easy-to-use. The modules integrate the maximum number of components, including the inductor, in a single package while still providing comprehensive flexibility for the designer to configure the device’s attributes. This accelerates the design process and helps bring products to market faster. Our modules are used by the largest OEMs worldwide for Industrial, IoT, Auto, Medical, Telecom, Robotics, and more

Module Videos

APEC 2019 - 100A Modules Demonstration
MPS Power Modules Overview
In 60 Seconds, Learn How to Accelerate and Simplify Power Design with Power Modules…
APEC 2019 - 100A Modules Demonstration
APEC 2019 - 100A Modules Demonstration
Fully integrated DC/DC power modules
scalable power module
100A Power Module - MPM3695-100
3.3V Input Range, Simple BGA Layout, Dynamic Current…
Configurable Power Modules width=
Configurable DC DC Power Module
Programmable up to 3A and 0.6-12V output voltage. The Module has a...

FPGA Series

PGA Part Numbers


  Virtex Ultrascale+   VU11P, VU13P   EVREF0104-A
  VUP5, VU7P, VU9P,VU35P, VU37P   EVREF0104-B
  VU3P, VU31P, VU33P   EVREF0104-C
  Kintex Ultrascale+   KU13P, KU15P   EVREF0103-A
  KU3P, KU5P, KU9P, KU11P   EVREF0103-B
  Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC   ZU9CG, ZU9EG, ZU11EG-ZU19EG   EVREF0101-A
  ZU3CG to ZU7EV   EVREF0101-B
  Zynq 7000   XC7Z0007S to ZC7Z020, XC7Z030   EVREF0100-A
  Zynq Ultrascale+ RFSoC   ZU21DR to ZU29DR   EVREF0100-B