4.5A, Fast Battery Charger with 3A Boost System Current and Programmable Battery Discharge Current Limit

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Product Description

The MP2673 is a highly integrated, flexible, switch-mode, battery charge management and system power-path management device designed for single-cell Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries used in a wide range of portable applications.

The IC has two operating modes (charge mode and boost mode) to allow for management of the system and battery power based on the state of the input and output.

When input power is present (up to 14V), the device operates in charge mode. The device detects the battery voltage automatically and charges the battery in four phases: trickle current charge, pre-charge, constant-current charge, and constant-voltage charge.

In the absence of an input source, the MP2673 switches to boost mode to power SYS from the battery. The IC can provide a wide boost voltage to SYS by adjusting the feedback voltage at FB.

With the I2C interface, the IC can flexibly program charging and boosting parameters such as input current limit, charging current, battery regulation (charge full) voltage, safety timer, boost output current limit, etc. The MP2673 can also provide the operation status through the I2C registers and remaining battery capacity via four LEDs.

To guarantee safe operation, the IC limits the die temperature to a preset value of 120°C (default). Other safety features include input over-voltage protection (OVP), battery over-voltage protection (OVP), thermal shutdown, and battery temperature monitoring.

The MP2673 is available in a QFN-28 (4mmx4mm) package.

Product Features

  • 4.0V to 14V Operation Voltage Range
  • Up to 24V Sustainable Input Voltage
  • BC1.2 Detection with I2C Programmable DP1/DM1 Control
  • Integrated Input-Current-Based and Input-Voltage-Based Power Management Function
  • Up to 4.5A Programmable Charge Current
  • Reverse Boost Operation Mode with up to 3A Output Current and Adjustable 5V to 12V Output Voltage
  • Analog Voltage Output IB Pin for Battery Current Monitor
  • Programmable 3.1 - 4.675V Charge Voltage with 0.5% Accuracy
  • Four-LED Battery Gauge Indicators
  • JEITA-Compatible Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Protection
  • Programmable Timer Back-Up Protection
  • Thermal Regulation and Thermal Shutdown
  • USB Output Cable Impedance Compensation
  • Integrated Short-Circuit Protection (SCP) for Boost Mode
  • Integrated Short-Circuit Protection (SCP) and Over-Voltage Protection (OVP) for Pass-Through Path
  • Integrated 8-Bit SAR ADC for Battery-Voltage Measurement


  • Operating Vin (min) (V)4
  • Operating Vin (max) (V)14
  • Absolute Vin (max) (V)24
  • Cells1
  • GradeCatalog
  • NVDCNo
  • Vbatt (max) (V)4.675
  • Vbatt (min) (V)3.1
  • Battery TypeLi-Ion, Li-Polymer
  • Iotg (A)3
  • Iin (max) (A)3
  • Icharge (max) (A)4.5
  • Votg (max) (V)12
  • TopologyBuck
  • fsw (kHz)550
  • Control InterfaceI2C
  • Special FeaturesCell OCP, Cell UVP, Integrated ADC, Integrated LDO, JEITA Batt NTC Monitor, LED Fuel Gauge, One-Time Programmable Memory, Power Bank Output Mode, Power Path, QC3.0 Output Detection, USB BC1.2 Detection, USB OTG (Boost Mode)
  • PackageQFN-28 (4x4)
  • TimerYes
  • NTC MonitoringYes
  • EN ControlYes
  • Charge Status Yes

Communication Interface Device USB to I2C/PMBus, included with product evaluation kit or can be purchased separately. 

The EVKT-USBI2C-02 is included with the product evaluation kit, or it can be purchased separately. This communication interface provides the USB to I2C port as well as PMBus capabilities. It is designed to work with MPS I2C and PMBus products, and Virtual Bench Pro, and I2C GUI tools.  Together with MPS Virtual Bench Pro and I2C GUI tools, it provides a quick and easy way to evaluate the performance of MPS digital products.

The EVKT-USBI2C-02 kit includes:

  • 1 USB to I2C communication device interface
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 10-pin ribbon cable
  • 1 3-pin ribbon cable
  • Thumbdrive with datasheet and driver files

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