1 Series Cell Chargers

USB-C & PD Compatible
Fast charging solutions optimized for higher voltage and current

Mobile Friendly
Leading power density, efficiency, and low current consumption for small applications
On-chip memory and I2C for customizing charging parameters

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Single series cell applications for battery charger ICs are the most prevalent in the world. This is because the total system cost is low (no cell-balancing needed) and the available power in a 1s battery pack is enough for devices like smartphones, tablets, speakers, wearables, and power banks to last one or more days on a single charge. Since a 1s battery pack has a maximum voltage less than 5V, a USB interface can be employed along with space-saving linear or buck charger topologies. MPS has a wide-selection of both linear and buck 1s chargers, from ultra-compact low-current wearable solutions, to high-current switching chargers for fast charging applications. MPS chargers offer industry-leading power density, which allows them to achieve high efficiency with a small solution size. In addition, our devices have advanced features such as power path management, I2C programmable charging parameters, and adjustable JEITA battery temperature monitoring to make your designs easier and safer.