36V, 2MHz, 0.6A Step-Down Converter Automotive-Grade


36V, 2MHz, 0.6A Step-Down Converter Automotive-Grade

Active Part Numbers:

MPQ2451DT-P MPQ2451DT-Z MPQ2451DT-LF-P MPQ2451DT-LF-Z MPQ2451DT-AEC1-LF-P MPQ2451DT-AEC1-LF-Z MPQ2451DG-P MPQ2451DG-Z MPQ2451DG-LF-P MPQ2451DG-LF-Z MPQ2451DG-AEC1-LF-P MPQ2451DG-AEC1-LF-Z MPQ2451GT-5-P MPQ2451GT-5-Z MPQ2451GT-5-AEC1-P MPQ2451GT-5-AEC1-Z MPQ2451GT-33-P MPQ2451GT-33-Z MPQ2451GT-33-AEC1-P MPQ2451GT-33-AEC1-Z MPQ2451GG-5-P MPQ2451GG-5-Z MPQ2451GG-5-AEC1-P MPQ2451GG-5-AEC1-Z MPQ2451GG-33-P MPQ2451GG-33-Z MPQ2451GG-33-AEC1-P MPQ2451GG-33-AEC1-Z MPQ2451DJ-LF-P MPQ2451DJ-LF-Z MPQ2451DJ-AEC1-LF-P MPQ2451DJ-AEC1-LF-Z

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