AC-DC Power Converters

First All-in-One Flyback IC w/Capacitive Isolation in USB Type C Adaptor
Helps you define a value for the resonant tank to ensure that the converter is working on the quasi resonant region achieving soft switching
Integrated Digital PFC + LLC in one Chip! Easy to Use GUI: HR1200

MPS has a wide product portfolio to cover different offline isolated power converters including PFC Controllers, Flyback, LLC, Secondary synchronous rectifier, HV Buck Regulators, HV Smart LDO Regulators. MPS's unique 1000V+ FET integration process helps to deliver the industry's most compact AC DC Power Converter solutions. MPS AC DC Power Converter products are used in a wide range of electronic products including adapters for computers, phones, gaming consoles, smart appliances, white goods, lighting, power meters, industrial and much more.