MPS Product Life Cycles

Our Commitment to Product Longevity and Continuity of Supply
At Monolithic Power Systems (MPS), we know that semiconductor product longevity and continuity of supply are important to you; they are important to MPS as well. MPS’ product life cycles are consistent with many customers’ requirements. We are committed to product longevity for our customers and have strategies and internal policies in place to uphold this commitment.

Product Longevity Strategy
MPS has inventory and manufacturing strategies in place to allow us to offer existing products to support customer demand. Our inventory management strategy enables us to anticipate market demand for products. Our flexible manufacturing strategy, with many manufacturing sites, helps us reliably provide products that fulfill our customers’ needs over the long term.

Product Life Cycle Statuses

  • Pre-Release: This product is new and in development, quantities may be limited, specifications may change. Not recommended for production.
  • Active: This product is released to the market. MPS recommends these parts for new designs.
  • Not Recommended for New Design (NRFND): This product continues to be in production to support existing customers with no plans to obsolete in the foreseeable future. This product has limited new design support from MPS.
  • End of Life (EOL): Limited production remaining, orders accepted.
  • Obsolete: This product is no longer manufactured. Only existing inventory is available.

Internal Policies for Product Longevity

Our guidelines state that MPS products are not eligible for obsolescence if any of these following conditions exist:

  • The product has had any sales within the last two years (seven years for automotive).
  • The product can be manufactured and has been in production for less than 10 years.

These conditions ensure clarity in our effort not to obsolete MPS products out of convenience. In the rare event that MPS must obsolete a product, a Product Discontinuance Notification (PDN) will be issued. PDNs will contain the following information:

  • PDN Number
  • Publication Date
  • Last Time Buy Date
  • Last Time Ship Date
  • Reason for Discontinuance
  • Recommended Replacement Parts
  • Supporting Information
  • Contact Information

MPS policies on product change management, product withdrawal/discontinuance, and our business continuity information can be provided by our quality department, as needed.