High Current Power Half Bridge with AEC-Q100 qualified

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Product Description

The MPQ8039 is a general purpose, high frequency half bridge power driver capable of driving a 9A load. The device integrates both top and bottom N-Channel MOSFET power switches and is fully protected from both sourcing and sinking current by a preset cycle by cycle current limit. It has a wide input voltage range from 7.5V to 25V. The MPQ8039 features a low-current shutdown mode, input under-voltage protection, thermal shutdown. It interfaces with standard logic signals and is available in a small SOIC8E package.

Product Features

  • Guaranteed Industrial/Automotive Temp. Range Limits
  • ±9A Peak Current Output
  • ±4.25A Continuous Current Output
  • Up to 1.2MHz Switching Frequency
  • Protected Integrated Power 100mΩ Switches
  • All Switches Current Limited
  • Integrated Under-Voltage Protection
  • Integrated Thermal Protection
  • 2.5µA Standby Mode
  • True 2-Quadrant Operation
  • Sources and Sinks Current
  • Available in AEC-Q100 Qualified Grade


  • GradeAutomotive
  • TypeMono Half-Bridge
  • Isw Limit (A)9
  • Total Pout (max) (W)25
  • Vin (max) (V)25
  • Vin (min) (V)7.5
Quality Policy, Certificates & Reliability Reports
All MPS parts are lead-free, halogen-free and adhere to the RoHS directive. See Environmental section for details.