32-Channel High Voltage Analog Switch

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Product Description

The MP4832 is a 32-channel high voltage single-pole single-throw, SPST, analog switch designed for medical ultrasound imaging applications. It is designed to multiplex the transmit and receive voltages to and from multiple piezoelectric transducers, PZTs. The output switches are controlled by a 32-bit serial shift register followed by a 32-bit data latch. A data out, Dout, pin is provided to allow for multiple devices to be cascaded together. This will help minimize the number of input/output, I/O, control lines. A logic High in the data latch will turn on the corresponding analog switch whereas a logic Low will turn it off. The MP4832 does not require any high voltage supplies. Only two low voltage supplies are required, 3.3V and 10V. The analog switch can block or pass analog voltages up to ±100V with peak currents of up to ±2.0A. The MP4832 is available in a QFN 72-pin 10mm x 10mm package.

Product Features

  • No High Voltage Supplies Required
  • 32 Channels
  • Up to ±100 Analog Signals
  • 14Ω Typical Switch Resistance
  • ±2.0 Typical Switch Peak Current
  • Off-Isolation of -60dB at 5.0MHz
  • 80MHz Clock Frequency


  • Vsig (V)±90
  • Channels32
  • PackageQFN-72 (10x10)
  • Rswitch (Ω)14