4.5V - 36V Input, 1V Output, 2A, DC/DC Power Supply

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Product Description

The mEZD72402A series is an open-frame, 4.5-36V input step-down power module with 2A continuous output current and different output voltage options. It provides up to 92% peak efficiency.

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4.5V - 36V Vin, 2A Iout
PNVout (V)
mEZD72402A-A 1.0
mEZD72402A-B 1.2
mEZD72402A-C 1.5
mEZD72402A-D 1.8
mEZD72402A-E 2.5
mEZD72402A-F 3.3
mEZD72402A-G 5.0

Product Features

  • 4.5V to 36V Wide Operating Input
  • 2A Load Current
  • Hiccup Short-Circuit Protection
  • Over-/Under-Voltage Protection
  • Over-Current Protection
  • Over-Temperature Protection
  • Open Design Files and BOM


  • PGNo
  • SSInternal
  • Special FeaturesOCP, OTP, OVP/UVP, SCP with Hiccup
  • Package Size: WxL (mm)20x10
  • PackageSiP
  • GradeCatalog
  • Vout (min) (V)1
  • Vout (max) (V)1
  • Operating Temp Range (°C)-40
  • fsw (max) (kHz)400
  • Iout (max) (A)2
  • Vin (max) (V)36
  • Vin (min) (V)4.5