Magnet for end-of-shaft angle sensing

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Product Description

Magnet materialBr (T)Hcj (kA/m)Br Temparature coefficient (%/C)Max temperature (C)
NdFeB grade N35SH 1.22 1595 -0.12 150

Product Features

  • Magnet for precise angle sensing
  • Suitable to  MagAlpha sensor family, end-of-shaft
  • Standard size, cost effective
  • Large air gap range

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  • MaterialNdFeB grade N35SH
  • GeometryHalf cylinder
  • OD (mm)4
  • Height (mm)2.5
  • Air gap min (mm)0
  • Air gap max (mm)2.1
  • Radial tolerance (mm)<0.1

MagAlpha Communication Kit to Connect to Sensor Test Boards (TMBA) and Rotary Knob Kit, Requires Macom App Software

The EVKT-MACOM is a communication kit for the MagAlpha magnetic position sensor family test boards (TBMA) and Rotary Knob kit (EVKT-KNOB). The kit contains a mircocontroller, motherboard, a collection of daughter boards adapted to different sensor boards, and the related cables.

It requires the communications kit (EVKT-MACOM) and the Macom App Software (see below) to evaluate MagAlpha functionality and performance with your set-up, such as noise level, refresh rate, power-up time, and magnetic field dependence.

$75.00 + tax