600V, Triple N-Channel MOSFET with Common Gate Control

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Product Description

The LN60A01 is a three channel, 600V N-Channel, enhancement mode power FET manufactured in MPS's proprietary, high-voltage DMOS technology.  This advanced technology has been especially tailored to minimize the on-state resistance, provide superior switching performance, and withstand high energy pulses in the avalanche and commutation modes. This device is well suited for high efficiency switched mode power supplies and active power factor correction.  The LN60A01 is available in PDIP8 and SOIC8 package.

Product Features

  • 600V Breakdown Voltage
  • Three N-Channel MOSFETs
  • One Gate control to All Three FETs
  • Rds(on)=200Ω at Vgs=10V
  • Switching Current>0.1A
  • Fast Switching


  • Power Range DefinedNo
  • GradeCatalog
  • PackageDIP8, SOIC-8
  • Rds(on) (Ω)190
  • Vbr (V)600
  • ton (ns)999
  • toff (ns)999
Quality Policy, Certificates & Reliability Reports
All MPS parts are lead-free, halogen-free and adhere to the RoHS directive. See Environmental section for details.