EVKT7770-3.1 CH-00A

19V to 30V, total 242W 3.1Ch Channel amplifier system Evaluation Board
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Product Description

The EVKT7770-3.1CH-00A is an evaluation board for the MP7770, a 3.1 channel amplifiers demo board

There are 4 channels (3pcs MP7770) for the subwoofer speaker, center speaker, the left front and right front speakers. The subwoofer channel and center channel are with BTL output configuration, and other two channels are with SE output configuration.

For more MP7770 operation information, please refer to the MP7770 datasheet.

Product Features

  • Wide 19V to 30V Input Voltage Range
  • Output Power at 10%THD: - 102W at 19.5V (Stereo SE: 2 x 16W into 3? Load, Stereo BTL: 2 x 35W into 6? Load) - 153W at 24V (Stereo SE: 2 x 24.5W into 3? Load, Stereo BTL: 2 x 52W into 6? Load) - 242W at 30V (Stereo SE: 2 x 39W into 3? Load, Stereo BTL: 2 x 82W into 6? Load)
  • Low noise, >100dB DNR
  • Integrated Pop Elimination Circuit
  • Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection