Rotary Knob Kit for the MagAlpha

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Product Description

The EVKT-KNOB is an evaluation kit for the MagAlpha magnetic position sensor family. The EVKT-KNOB allows users to run and test the MagAlpha sensor quickly. It is delivered assembled with a knob and magnet. The sensor is mounted in an end-of-shaft configuration.

The EVKT-KNOB is compatible with the MACOM kit, offering seamless connection and operation of the MagAlpha and allowing users to evaluate MagAlpha functionalities and performances, such as noise level, refresh rate, power-up time, magnetic field dependence, and so on

Product Features

  • Ready-to-Use Knob with End-of-Shaft Magnet
  • Extra Spacers
  • Compatible with MagAlpha Communication Interface Kit (EVKT-MACOM)


  • IC Supported 1MA100
  • IC Supported 2EVKT-MACOM

Angular Sensor for 3-Phase Brushless Motor Commutation with Side-Shaft Positioning Capability--Please See Position Sensor Design Support for All Supporting Software

The MagAlpha MA100 magnetic sensor is an all-in-one solution designed to replace Hall switches for 3-phase block commutation in brushless DC motors. The MA100 detects the absolute angular position of a permanent magnet, typically a diametrically magnetized cylinder attached to the rotor. The data acquisition and processing is extremely fast, allowing for accurate angle measurement at speeds from 0 to 100,000 RPM. The MA100 supports a wide range of magnetic field strengths and spatial configurations, which help relax mechanical tolerances and simplify system design. Both end-of-shaft magnet and off-axis magnet positioning (?ide-shaft?mounting) topologies are supported.

MagAlpha Communication Kit

The EVKT-MACOM is a communication kit for the MagAlpha magnetic position sensor family. The EVKT-MACOM offers a seamless connection and operation with MagAlpha test boards (TBMA) and evaluation kits (EVKT-KNOB). The kit contains a microcontroller motherboard, a collection of daughter boards adapted to different sensor boards and the related cables.

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