HR1200 Evaluation Kit High-Performance Digital PFC + LLC Combo Controller

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Product Description

The EVKT-1200 is an evaluation kit for the HR1200. A 240W evaluation board is designed with high
power factor (PF) at light load (>0.95 at 20% load). The particular benefits for the board are the very
low no-load power consumption (<150mW) and very high light-load efficiency (>90% at 10% load),
which meets Energy using Product Directive (EuP) Lot 6 and Code of Conduct Version 5 Tier 2. These
features are suitable to the application of PC, ATX power, notebook adapter, gaming and TV power
supply. With the programming dongle and GUI software, circuit configurations of the digital PFC part
can be easily customized which greatly increases design flexibility.

Product Features

  • EVKT-1200-TSSOP Kit contents (items below can be ordered separately):  
    • Evaluation board (IC in TSSOP-28) (EVHR1200-M-02A)
    • EVHR1200 PMBUS Kit-01A USB to I2C communication interface
    • USB cable 1 Ribbon cable 
    • T-USB Isolation Block-00A USB isolator 
    • Tdrive-HR1200 USB flash drive that stores the GUI installation file and supplemental documents 


High-Performance Digital PFC+LLC Combo Controller

The HR1200 integrates a digital PFC controller and a half-bridge resonant controller into a single chip. It uses very low power at no-load or ultra-light load, making it compliant with Energy Using Product Directive (EuP) Lot 6 and Code of Conduct Version 5 Tier 2 specifications. The PFC of the HR1200 employs a patented average current control scheme, which can operate in CCM and DCM multi-mode according to the instantaneous condition of the input voltage and output load. The IC exhibits excellent efficiency and high PF at light load. When operating in CCM, the controller can be used in applications up to 500W with minimal board size limitations. The performance of the PFC can be optimized by programming multiple parameters through an I2C GUI. Programming is completed either by the factory or by the customer using a detailed user guide. The half-bridge LLC converter achieves high efficiency with zero-voltage switching (ZVS). The HR1200 implements an adaptive dead-time adjustment (ADTA) function, so the LLC converter can achieve easily ZVS from heavy load to light load. In addition, the HR1200 can prevent the LLC converter from operating in capacitive mode, making it more robust and easier to design. The HR1200 integrates a high-voltage (HV) current source inside the IC for start-up, eliminating the traditional start-up resistor or external circuit. When the AC input is removed, the HV current source functions as an X-cap discharger, eliminating the need for a resistor for

Dual Fast Turn-off Intelligent Rectifier, Vfwd 70mV for LLC

The MP6922 is a dual fast turn-off intelligent controller to drive two N-CH power MOSFETs in LLC resonant converters for synchronous rectification. The IC regulates the forward voltage drop of the power switch to about 70mV and turns it off before the voltage goes negative. MP6922 has a light-load function to latch-off the gate driver at light load condition, during which only about 600μA quiescent current is consumed. The fast turn-off speed of MP6922 makes both CCM and DCM driving available. An internal Reverse Current Protection (RCP) function ensures safe operation of the MOSFETs in high frequency CCM condition. MP6922 requires a minimum number of readily available standard external components and is available in SOIC8E, SOIC8 or SOIC14 package.