High Efficiency Synchronous Rectification EV Board

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Product Description

The EV6902A+MP6907-S_J-00A is an evaluation board for the MP6902A and MP6907. It is configured to provide synchronous rectification solution for flyback.

MP6902A and MP6907 features a synchronous gate output which enables high efficiency rectification by replacing the schottky rectifier with a low Ron MOSFET. MP6907 has the wider VDD range and stronger driving capability than MP6902A.

Product Features

  • Works with both Standard and Logic Level FETS
  • Compatible with Energy Star, 1W Standby Requirements
  • ~70mV Forward Regulation Voltage
  • Max 300kHz Switching Frequency
  • <300μA/150μA (MP6902A/MP6907) Quiescent Current atLightLoad Mode
  • Supports CCM, CrCM and DCM Operation Mode
  • Supports High-side and Low-side Rectification


Fast Turn-off Flyback Synchronous Rectifier that Supports CCM, DCM and QR Operation Modes

The MP6907 is a low-drop diode emulator controller IC that, when combined with an external MOSFET, can replace Schottky diodes in high-efficiency flyback converters. The MP6907 regulates the forward drop of an external switch to about 70mV, which switches off once the voltage becomes negative.
The MP6907 provides a SYNC interface to receive an external signal to shut down the gate driver for reliable continuous conduction mode (CCM) operation. A programmable light-load sleep mode can reduce the IC’s quiescent current to ~150μA.
The MP6907 is available in compact SOIC8 and TSOT23-6 packages.