8V to 100V, Three-Phase Brushless DC Motor Pre-Driver Evaluation Board

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Product Description

The EV6539B-F-00A is an evaluation board for the MP6539BGF, a three-phase BLDC motor pre-driver.

It operates from a supply voltage of up to 100V. It is configured to drive 3 half bridges consisting of 6 N-channel Power MOSFETs. The rotor position information is provided by the Hall sensors assembled in the motor and the driving control signals are generated by the external controller, such as MCU, FPGA, etc.

Product Features

  • Wide 8V to 100V Input Voltage Range
  • Support 100% Duty Cycle Operation
  • HS/LS Logic Input
  • OTP
  • Fault Indication Output


100V, Three-Phase BLDC Motor Pre-Driver

The MP6539B is a gate driver IC designed for three-phase, brushless DC motor driver applications. The MP6539B is capable of driving three half-bridges consisting of six N-channel power MOSFETs up to 100V.

The MP6539B uses a bootstrap capacitor to generate a supply voltage for the high-side MOSFET driver. An internal charge pump maintains the high-side gate drive if the output is held high for an extended period of time.

Internal safety features include shoot-through protection, adjustable dead-time control, under-voltage lockout (UVLO), and thermal shutdown.

The MP6539B is similar to the MP6539. It does not implement auto bootstrap charging, does not include over-current protection, and is powered only from the VDD pin (VIN and LDO have been removed).

The MP6539B is available in TSSOP-28 (9.7mmx6.4mm) and QFN-28 (4mmx5mm) packages with an exposed thermal pad.