MPS DC DC Designer is a simulation tool which is used to help you create and analyze a power solution with MPS DCDC chips.

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MPS DC-DC Designer is a simulation tool to help help create and analyze a power solution with MPS DC-DC chips conveniently. With MPS DC-DC Designer you can finish the following jobs:

1) Search and select a MPS DC-DC chip conveniently. It is very helpful for familiarizing users with MPS DC-DC chips.

2) Automatically or manually provide a complete power solution with a selected chip. MPS DC-DC Designer can give you a recommended design automatically with selected chip, or allow you to edit the components and parameters manually.

3) Provide abundant analysis results for the desired solution. MPS DC-DC Designer has the ability to analyze a power solution and provides detailed results . The analysis results include the power state input and output ripple, small signal bode plot, the transient output ripple, efficiency, typical operating waveforms, layout guide, bill of materials and more.

Windows only (Win XP, Win7, Win8 or Win10)

.NET framework 2.0 or above