High-Efficiency, 8A, 18V, Step-Down Converter Evaluation Board

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Product Description

The EV2238-D-00A evaluation board is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of MPS’s MP2238, a fully integrated, high-frequency, synchronous, rectified, step-down, switch-mode converter with internal power MOSFETs. It offers a very compact solution to achieve 8A of continuous output current over a wide input range, with excellent load and line regulation.

Constant-on-time control operation provides very fast transient response and easy loop design, as well as very tight output regulation.

Full protection features include SCP, OCP, and thermal shutdown.

The MP2238 requires a minimal number of readily available, standard external components, and is available in a space-saving, 12-pin QFN (2mmx3mm) package.

Product Features

  • Wide 4.2V to 18V Operating Input Range
  • 22mΩ/10mΩ Low-RDS(ON) Internal Power MOSFETs
  • 8A Continuous Output Current
  • 600mV Reference Voltage
  • 600kHz Switching Frequency
  • Internal Soft Start
  • Over-Current Protection and Hiccup Mode
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • tON Extension
  • Available in a QFN-12 (2mmx3mm) Package


High-Efficiency, 8A, 18V, Synchronous Step-Down Converter

The MP2238 is a high frequency, synchronous, rectified, step-down switch-mode converter. It offers a fully integrated solution to achieve an 8A continuous output current with excellent load and line regulation over a wide input supply range.

Constant-on-time (COT) control operation provides fast transient response. Full protection features include hiccup over-current protection and thermal shutdown.

The MP2238 requires a minimal number of readily available, standard, external components with a space-saving 12-pin QFN 2mmx3mm package.

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