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Refrigerators must offer customers the key features of reliability, effective cooling, energy efficiency, and convenience. These key appliances must keep food the correct temperature without being noisy or significantly raising power bills. New generations of refrigerators are integrating smart-home ready features such as touch screens, wireless connectivity, and predictive maintenance. As one of the largest and one of the most important appliances in a home, refrigerator designs are expected to minimize defrost cycles, audible noise, and energy consumption while keeping consumer costs low and ensuring a long lifespan and reliable performance.

Our portfolio of highly efficient solutions — including LCD power supplies, WLED drivers, rectifiers, converters, as well as stepper, brushed and brushless DC motor drivers — help reduce time-to-market and total system cost on the next generation of refrigerators. These flexible, reliable products offer exceptional power density in small package sizes to enable innovative features and lower system power.

MPS’s cost-effective, time-tested power management devices provide everything you need to design refrigerators that provide value and innovation to consumers.
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