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Ovens are a key household appliance, and one which consumers expect to be reliable, effective, convenient, and energy efficient. The rise of smart homes has added a new layer of design requirements to new generations of ovens, including durable and intuitive user interfaces, wireless connectivity, smart sensing, and predictive maintenance. IoT capabilities can help keep up with growing consumer expectations, but design engineers must balance this with other priorities such as safe, effective heating and low energy consumption.

Our robust portfolio of solutions includes power modules, PMICs, X-capacitors, synchronous rectifiers, PFC and flyback controllers, step-down and step-up converters, linear regulators, WLED drivers, LCD power supplies, analog switches, supervisory circuits, stepper/brushed/BLDC motor drivers, as well as e-fuse, USB and load switches. By offering everything you could need to power your oven design, we simplify the process and help save both BOM space and cost so you can speed time-to-market.

MPS’s cost-effective, long-lasting power management devices offer exceptional power density in small package sizes to enable innovative features and lower system power in the next generation of ovens.

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