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Wireless connectivity is at the heart of most modern technology, and the need for strong, secure wireless performance is only growing with IoT and the popularity of smart devices. Wireless access point systems can be separate from or part of switches and routers, and are what enable WiFi devices to connect to a wireless network, which ultimately links to a wired access point such as Ethernet. These devices must offer reliable performance and support the latest protocols to provide easy, fast WiFi/WLAN connections for end consumers. Consumers’ desire for energy efficiency, small size, and low cost have added additional challenges tot he design process.

Our broad product portfolio includes charge pumps, WLED drivers, regulators, controllers, and converters. Together they compose a comprehensive suite of solutions capable of delivering highly efficient power in small package sizes. Our innovative, cost-effective solutions help simplify design and provide high levels of integration so wireless access is simple and secure, and customers can stay connected.

MPS’s innovative, efficient power management offerings help enable the best connectivity via state-of-the-art wireless access point systems.
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