Small Cell Base Stations

Small cell base stations are more useful than ever with the ubiquity of smartphones, rising data usage, and the advent of 5G. However, small cell base station designs must meet these demands as well as weight and volume restrictions, without sacrificing performance or significantly increasing power consumption. Today’s wireless market demands reliability and flexibility wherever possible, so new products need to offer improved efficiency, frequency spectrum ranges, and use of non-contiguous bands to deliver consumers increased speed and performance.
Our broad portfolio of solutions includes PoE PDs, e-fuse and hot swap controllers,buck converters, LDOs, power modules, DDR termination, load switches, supervisory circuits, USB switches, and analog switches. These devices offer high-density power management, high levels of integration, excellent thermal performance, and reliable operation in compact package sizes.

MPS’s energy-efficient, cost-effective products provide everything you need to power the next generation of small cell base station designs.