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An optical network terminal (ONT) unit is a device that connects fiber optics cables to other wiring such as Ethernet and phone lines by converting the signal from optical to electrical and vice versa. Though they draw power from an electrical source, these devices also often have battery backup options in case of a power outage. It is typically part of a larger GPON (gigabyte passive optical network) system and helps enable high-speed data connections for wired consumer technologies. As data traffic continues to grow and increased demand must also comply with new standards, ONT designs are tasked with enabling greater throughput and bandwidth at faster speeds with lower costs.
Our comprehensive portfolio of power solutions includes power modules, buck converters, termination regulators, linear regulators, MOSFET drivers, analog switches, load switches, WLED drivers, and supervisory circuits. These innovative, efficient components provide everything you need to reliably and safely power an ONT unit. Because our devices are optimized for low standby power and high power density in small packages, you can save board space and meet customer demands for greater energy efficiency.
MPS’s innovative, cost-effective solutions offer the best power management for your optical network terminal unit design.
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