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Optical modules are optical transceivers used for high-speed data transmission, and are used anywhere larger amounts of data needs to be sent and received. From data centers to telecom, short or long range, optical modules are ideal for large, efficient data transfers. Optical modules can range in size and bandwidth, with the newest generation supporting up to 400GB/s. Due to the large amounts of data these transceivers move, they require a unique power solution to suit their high power requirements and small form factor.

Our monolithic design allows for high power in an ultra-small package with ultra-low power loss. This means layout and thermal design are simple and the device provides maximum efficiency, which is critical to any optical module design. MPS offers a wide portfolio of products to cover the power aspects of optical modules,including buck or boost converters, controllers, e-fuse and load switches, and regulators. These offerings include EML drivers and even TEC control for improved thermal management. For core power, MPS provides a wide selection of buck converters as discrete or power modules, with and without I2C.

MPS offers industry-leading power density to meet the demand of these high-power devices, and to enable the next generation of optical modules.
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