Optical Line Cards

Optical line cards are a critical element in setting up high-speed data and network connections, as they link the router to an external network through an optical fiber interface. Often part of a router or switch, these devices need to offer low standby power, PoE, high energy efficiency, and excellent thermal management — all at a low cost in shrinking solution sizes. For end users to receive reliable network connections and to enable increasing demand for bandwidth from streaming, cloud computing, and other trends, designers must have top-of-the-line components in their optical line cards.

Our cutting-edge solutions include power modules, converters, controllers, and regulators — each of which is designed to maximize efficiency and offer industry-leading protections in tiny package sizes. These highly integrated parts are flexible and scalable, making the design process easier than ever.

MPS solutions combine reliability and performance in a cost-effective solution to meet your power needs for optical line cards.

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Optical Line Cards Components