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Video doorbells have become a popular element within many smart home systems, and provide convenience and a sense of security to consumers. As both home systems and video doorbell designs get smarter and more advanced, new features are being incorporated. Innovative video doorbells now include high-quality audio and video streaming, wireless connectivity, multiple-device interface capability, advanced sensing, and ultra-low power consumption. The nature of these devices means they must also offer ease-of-use, stable operation, and the ability to withstand wide temperature ranges and extreme weather. In addition, increased user awareness about digital security concerns have necessitated embedded, hardware-based security to protect users’ data within the Internet of Things.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes flybacks, step-down, and linear converters, e-fuse, current limit switches, linear and switching chargers, regulators, USB and load switches, PMICs, operational amplifiers, WLED drivers, audio amplifiers, and supervisory circuits. All of our parts offer small package sizes and excellent thermal performance, without sacrificing efficiency or security. Our expertise and top-tier performance allow faster time-to-market and easy integration of new features in new video doorbell designs. 

MPS’s highly flexible, cost-effective solutions offer everything you need to power the next generation of video doorbells.

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