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Security cameras have become an integral part of a connected smart home network. Ever-growing user expectations and increasing concern about both digital and physical threats mean new security cameras must offer more advanced features and higher integration than ever. In addition to energy efficiency, affordability, and low power consumption, today’s advanced features include:

- High-resolution imaging
- Accurate, reliable motion sensing
- Improved night vision
- Longer detection ranges
- Better motion control
- Wireless connectivity
- Protection against false triggers and extreme weather
- Compact, lightweight total solution
- Large storage capacity
- Embedded security features to prevent system compromise

Our rectifiers, converters, stepper motor drivers, half-bridge motor drivers, and LED drivers provide everything you need to design efficient, reliable, safe security cameras for secured smart home systems. They include excellent thermal protection and EMI performance, and high performance across the signal chain — all in a tiny package size. Look no further for the best parts to design the next generation of highly efficient, compact, connected security cameras.

MPS’s cost-effective power solutions enable easier integration and fast time-to-market for secure, advanced security camera designs.

Explore our highly integrated battery charger IC solution for battery back up in solar outdoor cameras.
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