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IP network cameras are quickly gaining traction over traditional analog security camera networks. Most IP network cameras serve the same function as analog security cameras but do not require local storage capacity and are connected to a user’s LAN network. Because of this, they are a popular part of smart home systems and security. Ever-growing user expectations and increasing concern about both digital and physical threats mean new security cameras must offer more advanced features and higher integration than ever. In addition to energy efficiency, affordability, and low power consumption, today’s advanced features include:

- High-resolution imaging
- Accurate, reliable motion sensing
- Improved night vision
- Longer detection ranges
- Better motion control
- Wireless connectivity
- Protection against false triggers and extreme weather
- Compact, lightweight total solution
- Large storage capacity
- Embedded security features to prevent system compromise

Our broad portfolio of solutions includes half-bridge motor drivers, stepper motor drivers, controllers, WLED drivers, USB and load switches, e-fuse, PoE PD interfaces, supervisory circuits, watchdog timers, regulators, PMICs, and converters. This collection of parts provides everything you need to design efficient, reliable, safe IP network cameras for smart home security systems. Their small package size, excellent thermal protection and EMI performance are just some of the industry-leading features offered in our comprehensive solutions.

MPS’s cutting-edge, cost-effective power solutions are the best choice to enable the most secure, advanced IP network camera designs.
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