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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units for both industrial and residential applications must offer customers the key features of reliability, energy efficiency, and convenience. The best HVAC systems provide temperature adjustments and air circulation without introducing a lot of noise or raising power bills. New generations of HVAC units are integrating smart-home ready features such as capacitive touch, predictive maintenance, and wireless connectivity. To meet and exceed customer expectations, designers are challenged with fitting more powerful motors, fans, and control units into smaller, quieter systems. The key buying interests of comfort and low cost must also be kept in mind when developing new designs.

Our portfolio of solutions includes supervisory circuits, converters, MOSFET drivers, LCD power supplies, LED and WLED backlight drivers, controllers, and rectifiers. These flexible, reliable products offer exceptional power density in small package sizes. Enabling innovative features and lower system power help reduce time-to-market on the next generation of HVAC units.

MPS’s cost-effective, time-tested power management devices provide everything you need to design HVAC units that are safe, efficient, and keep users comfortable.
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