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Home remote controls — both infrared (IR) and remote frequency (RF) types — are being used for more and more smart home control systems, including televisions,sound systems, lighting, and other home environment controls. Advanced features are also being incorporated into these devices, such as non-line-of-sight operation, voice control, capacitive touch and haptic feedback, LED displays, and multi-standard connectivity. Above all, a remote control should remain easy to use, with long battery life and reliable signal quality.

Our top-tier solutions include PMICs, converters, switching chargers, WLED drivers,regulators, motor drivers, supervisory circuits, and watchdog timers. We provide everything necessary to design efficient, innovative smart home remote controls that offer ultra-low standby power and top performance in a small package.

MPS’s leading technology offers the most cost-effective power management to simplify the design process and create reliable, consumer-friendly home remote controls.

Explore our current sensor solutions for smart light dimmers.

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