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Gas detectors are a key aspect of safety in smart homes and other residential and industrial applications. Designed to monitor and alert occupants of high levels of toxic or combustible gases, these safety devices must above all be reliable and accurate, with battery lifespans lasting multiple years and convenient use. As the smart home market continues to grow and consumers seek for all aspects of their homes to be more connected and self-reliant, gas detectors are no exception. Innovative new features include wireless connectivity, smarter sensing, multi-protocol communication standards, and self-calibration.

Our PMICs, power modules, converters, regulators, controllers, voltage reference, rectifiers, and audio amplifiers make it easy to design efficient, long-lasting gas detectors. By offering highly flexible components across the signal chain, it’s never been easier to seamlessly integrate advanced features and improve reliability in without unnecessarily increasing the BOM or overall solution cost.

MPS’s expertise and industry-leading power solutions provide everything needed to power safe, effective gas detectors for smart home use.

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