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Electronic smart locks are increasing in popularity with the rise of IoT and smart homes, as they provide convenience and a sense of security to consumers. Because they are typically battery-powered, energy efficiency to maximize battery life is crucial. The nature of these devices means they must also offer ease-of-use, stable operation, and the ability to withstand wide temperature ranges and extreme weather. On top of all this, increased user awareness about digital security concerns have necessitated embedded, hardware-based security to protect users’ data within the Internet of Things.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes linear chargers, analog switches, linear regulators, load switches, motor drivers, Class-D audio amplifiers, and LCD power supplies, as well as step-up (boost), step-down (buck), and buck-boost converters. These high-quality components enable you to design the next generation of efficient, reliable, safe access control systems for secured smart homes and buildings. Excellent thermal protection and EMI performance, high performance across the signal chain, and a tiny package size round out the list of advantages.

MPS’s cost-effective power solutions enable easier integration and fast time-to-market for secure, advanced electronic smart lock designs.

Explore our angle sensor solutions for electronic door locks.

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