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Inkjet and laser printers are incorporating more and more features into new designs. These printers must be able to quickly print high-quality renditions of documents or photos, as well as keep up with energy-saving trends that have increased the need for ultra-low standby power and reduced energy consumption. Growing customer expectations have put pressure on designers to expand system capabilities, increase speed, and enable higher reliability and precision in smaller device sizes. Wireless and wired connectivity, embedded processing and safety features, and convenient user interfaces also top the list of advanced features in new printer designs.
Our motor drivers, USB switches, regulators, converters, rectifiers, supervisory circuits, WLED drivers, and LCD power supplies make designing highly integrated, modern inkjet and laser printers easier than ever. These parts allow for excellent motor and speed control, while reducing BOM and total solution cost.

MPS’s next-generation solutions provide everything needed to design reliable, efficient multi-function printers.
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