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As robotics systems improve with the advances of Industry 4.0, their standards for power, sensing, and control also increase. In this rapidly growing industry, every day is a new opportunity to develop robots that offer better and better flexibility, energy efficiency, and system intelligence. Robots’ variety of uses have led to smaller, increasingly mobile innovations with highly integrated communication. They must be able to quickly assess and respond to their environment, work safely in close collaboration with humans, and learn adaptively with minimal required programming.
Our wide range of solutions provide efficient, reliable, innovative offerings to simplify robotics design and enable faster time to market. We help designers improve speed, sensing, and control to optimize production so new robotics are equipped to meet today’s needs and solve tomorrow’s problems.
MPS motor drivers, sensors, modules, chargers, and converters provide small, cost-effective solutions to power up the system.
Explore our integrated motor driver and battery management IC solutions in robotics.
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