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Wearables include a growing number of innovative devices designed to deliver convenient, high-quality functionality to consumers across a variety of use cases. These devices include smartwatches, virtual reality and augmented reality glasses and headsets, fitness trackers, and more. These devices typically offer multi-standard wireless connectivity — from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to cellular baseband — as well as smart features like smart or contactless payment, biosensing, music or video playback, and touch/voice command capability. These high levels of functionality are expected to perform reliably with minimal heat output and long battery life in an unobtrusive, comfortable form factor for users. Because wearables are designed to remain on the user’s person, they also need to be durable enough to be able to withstand harsh conditions and wide temperature ranges.

Our converters, WLED drivers, regulators, USB and load switches, and display power supplies offer compact, highly efficient solutions to create new wearable designs that not only keep pace with but exceed customer expectations. These parts help simplify the design process by minimizing the number of required rails and offering higher power density in smaller solution sizes.

MPS’s highly efficient, cost-effective solutions provide everything needed to design and power the next generation of wearables.
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