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Smart trackers are one of the latest innovations in the growing market of wearable and highly portable devices. Intended to help the user track or find items such as keys, critical features include multi-standard wireless connectivity — such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and near field communication (NFC) — as well as reliable sensing and feedback to communicate the device’s location. These high levels of functionality are expected to perform reliably with minimal heat output and long battery life in an unobtrusive, highly compact form factor for consumers. Because smart trackers are designed to remain on the user’s person or out in the elements, they also need to be durable enough to be able to withstand harsh conditions and wide temperature ranges.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes e-fuse, USB and analog switches, linear chargers, step-down and buck-boost converters, linear regulators, PMICs, and supervisory circuits. These compact, highly efficient solutions enable designers to create new smart trackers that minimize BOM and exceed customer expectations.

MPS’s cutting-edge, affordable technology simplify design and provide ultra-low power management options for the latest smart tracker designs.

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