IR Contactless Thermometers

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Handheld thermometers provide a direct method for measuring personal body temperature. Contactless thermometers are crucial for cases in which measurements must be taken while minimizing the spread of viral and bacteria contaminants. This allows users in clinical settings, as well as homes and businesses, to get instant results while minimizing contaminant propagation. These portable devices require long battery life, fast turn-on, and rechargeable power, and above all must be easy to use and provide accurate measurements.

Our comprehensive portfolio of converters, chargers, WLED drivers, load switches, and Class-D audio amplifiers provides the highest quality power management options for contactless thermometer designs. These parts are highly compact, and offer exceptional performance and protection features to ensure the device functions reliably and with the precision necessary for such crucial medical technology.

MPS’s efficient, dependable power solutions provide everything needed to power safe and effective contactless thermometer designs.

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