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Fitness machines can be a key component of medical treatment and physical wellness. State-of-the-art medical systems often include next-generation user interfaces, real-time sensing and biometrics, and multi-standard connectivity. With growing concerns about the price of healthcare, reliability and cost are also crucial factors for customers. And of course, to help enhance the abilities of healthcare professionals, it is important that fitness machines function with precision and accuracy, and minimize safety concerns such as EMI.

Our comprehensive range of solutions includes PFC & LLC controllers, synchronous rectifiers, step-down and step-up converters, current limit and USB switches, linear regulators, termination regulators, supervisory circuits, stepper and brushed DC motor drivers, operational amplifiers, Class-D audio amplifiers, and WLED drivers. These highly integrated, highly efficient devices save time, board space, and cost to help optimize fitness machine operation and lifespan.

MPS’s cost-effective, innovative power management technology enable cutting-edge capability and efficiency in new fitness machine designs.

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