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Blood pressure monitors are a key piece of medical equipment, and must be both reliable and accurate whether they are being used for home healthcare or at a clinical-grade level. Low power consumption, ease-of-use, and a small form factor are key aspects of performance and patience comfort. These devices are expected to offer increasingly high levels of integration such as wireless connectivity with mobile devices in addition to highly precise vital sign measurement.Because these measurement ranges can be narrow compared to other applications, it is especially critical that blood pressure monitor designs use the best components to ensure quality performance. 
Our converters, regulators, supervisory circuits, load switches, and audio amplifiers provide the highly efficient power management necessary for blood pressure monitors. These components help minimize cost and extend battery life in a small package size. This contributes to smaller board size and minimal BOM cost, simplifying the design process.

MPS’s cost-effective, reliable power solutions provide everything needed to design accurate, dependable blood pressure monitors.
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