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DC/DC lighting applications include flashlights, landscape lighting, emergency lights, recreational lighting, and more. Any LED lighting setup must offer high energy efficiency and peak reliability to extend the lifetime of the light. Emergency lighting systems are a crucial piece of safety equipment, and LEDs are quickly becoming the leading lighting technology in office, industrial, and home-based situations. This ubiquity of use has put a greater premium on user experience and the integration of new features such as a wide dimming range, smart lighting, and human-centric or circadian systems. Of course, consumers still expect to be able to purchase LED lighting designs with these new features at minimal cost, with easy installation and maintenance. 
Our exceptional portfolio of LED and WLED drivers help power the next generation of DC/DC LED lighting applications. Cutting-edge thermal management improves energy efficiency and extends the life of a light. High-density, compact drivers mean that space constraints are never an issue. These scalable solutions help reduce design time and complexity to enable faster time-to-market. 

MPS’s cost-effective,efficient power solutions ensure that DC/DC lighting applications are reliable,effective, and easy to use.
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