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Portable power tools offer a wide variety of features to a range of customers from everyday consumers doing small home improvement projects to construction and maintenance professionals. Because of this, portable power tool designs often demand high flexibility and have strict power, safety, and total size requirements. Both cordless and corded power tools must be able to offer high efficiency in compact sizes, without sacrificing performance or ease of use. Though both types are expected to offer long produce lifetimes, cordless power tools have the added requirement of including an efficient, long-lasting battery system with ultra-low standby power. Some cutting-edge designs are beginning to offer new smart features, wireless connectivity, and innovative user interfaces — but must do so without significantly increasing the cost or size of the device.

Our highly efficient motor drivers,position sensors, controllers, rectifiers, chargers, load switches, converters, and LED drivers help save space and simplify the design process. They are flexible enough to meet the evolving demands of the market, and help seamlessly integrate new features into efficient, high performance designs. Thermal protection and other protection features ensure that the design keeps both the tool and the end consumer safe during use.

MPS’s portfolio of power solutions offer the best possible compact solutions at the lowest cost for a wide variety of portable power tool designs.
Explore our highly integrated MagAlpha Position Sensor solution for power drills
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