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Portable points of service (POS) are tasked with delivering fast, secure payment transactions amid changing payment methods and growing customer expectations. They must offer high reliability, long battery life, ease-of-use, and quick processing speeds to accelerate checkout times. As retail and service spaces increasingly compete with online goods and service providers, efficiency and convenience are at more of a premium than ever before. New features such as wireless connectivity and contactless payment options require even greater security and efficiency without significantly increasing the size of the device. This means that new portable POS designs need to be flexible to adapt to cutting-edge payment innovations while maintaining convenient use.

Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions includes converters, chargers, regulators, controllers, rectifiers, protection and supervisory circuits, backlight drivers, motor drivers, and switches. Our reliable, highly efficient products help simplify the design process to enable faster time-to-market. They consume extremely lower power to prolong battery life and offer excellent protection and safety features.

MPS’s cost-effective, efficient power solutions provide everything you need to design the next generation of portable POS.
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