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Digital signage — including kiosks and other interactive displays — are gaining popularity for advertisements and displays in public and retail spaces. Regardless of whether the signage display is DLP, LCD, or LED, it must offer high brightness and resolution with excellent color and the ability to seamlessly display images across the maximum possible surface area. High-quality audio, support for wired interfaces including PoE and USB, and smart interfaces are some of the many features being integrated into cutting-edge digital signage with the advent of Industry 4.0 and IoT. Meanwhile, secure connectivity, ease of use, and low standby power remain necessary requirements for these designs.

Our top-of-the-line solutions include amplifiers, chargers, PMICs, converters, supervisory circuits, PoE, and WLED drivers. These parts offer excellent performance and efficiency, with integrated thermal management and protection features. Together, they can help simplify the design process and enable faster throughput, better connectivity,and more reliable operation in digital signage.

MPS’s power solutions are cost-effective, highly efficient, and offer the performance you need in a tiny package size to power up the system.
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