Power Banks

Power banks are an increasingly popular option for charging consumer electronics on the go. Because of the device’s portable nature, power bank designs need to maintain a small overall size and be easy to use for end consumers. As fast charging is becoming a more widespread industry trend, power banks must offer the fastest safe charging possible with minimal thermal dissipation and the ability to support multiple battery types. USB connections provide the ability to charge quickly and meet higher power ratings across multiple charging protocols. And of course, power banks must hold their charge for a long time to serve as a reliable backup power source for mobile devices.
Our solutions for power banks designs include load and USB switches, e-fuses, battery chargers, and converters. These parts are engineered to be highly efficient with the smallest possible footprint, and to help reduce overall BOM cost. They offer exceptional thermal management and high power density, supporting a wide input voltage range, high power ratings, and flexible applications to help simplify the design process.

MPS’s advanced power management solutions offer everything you need to design reliable, efficient, and cost-effective power banks.