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E-scooters have quickly risen in popularity in metropolitan areas and quickly growing cities. Lightweight, eco-friendly, and convenient, these e-scooters are two-wheeled battery-operated vehicles that integrate an electric motor and a controller that assists with increased propulsion. Of course, safety, performance, and cost are the greatest concerns for customers in any vehicle. In addition, new designs for this emerging transportation trend include shorter recharging times, lighter weights, and higher battery capacity for longer riding ranges — create the need for smaller, more energy-efficient power solutions.
Our highly integrated, energy efficient, easy-to-use solutions offer robust power conversion capabilities in small sizes for e-scooter systems. We offer a wide range of products, including PMICs, e-fuse and USB switches, load switches, regulators, converters, supervisory circuits, BLDC and gate drivers, WLED and LED drivers, Class-D audio amplifiers.

MPS’s industry-leading power management products enable you to design the next generation of e-scooters and get it to market faster.
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Block Diagram

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LED Driver
<b>LED Driver</b>
Horn Button
<b>Horn Button</b>
Handle Sensor
<b>Handle Sensor</b>
Magnetic Sensor
Supervisory Circuits
<b>Supervisory Circuits</b>
AC/DC Supply
<b>AC/DC Supply</b>
DC/DC Step-Down
<b>DC/DC Step-Down</b>
DC/DC Step-Up
<b>DC/DC Step-Up</b>
USB/Load Switch
<b>USB/Load Switch</b>
Power Module
<b>Power Module</b>
Battery Monitor and Protector
<b>Battery Monitor and Protector</b>
Fuel Gauge
<b>Fuel Gauge</b>
Battery Charger
<b>Battery Charger</b>
1-Cell, Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Charger
<b>1-Cell, Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Charger</b><br>
Load Current Sensor
<b>Load Current Sensor</b>
1-Phase and 3-Phase Pre-Driver
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Position Sensor
<b>Position Sensor</b>
Power Management
<b>Power Management</b>
Battery Management (Traction Battery)
<b>Battery Management (Traction Battery)</b>
Battery Management (Human I/F Battery)
<b>Battery Management (Human I/F Battery)</b>
MOSFET Power Stage
<b>MOSFET Power Stage</b>
Li-Ion Battery Pack
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BLDC Motor
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