Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

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Network-attached storage (NAS) is a data storage option that is quickly growing in popularity. A NAS system is a centralized storage server that is connected to a network and able to be accessed by any authorized user within the network. These systems provide convenience and flexibility by being able to be physically stored and maintained on-site, as well as the ability to have their storage scaled to meet changing needs. To meet the increasing data demands from customer and technology advancements, NAS systems must offer excellent protection features — such as thermal and hot-swap protection — in addition to multi-protocol capability, better energy efficiency, and higher power density than previous designs.
Our extensive portfolio of power management solutions includes -fuse current-limit switches and hot swap protection, power modules, PMICs, load switches, buck converters, linear regulators, termination regulators, stepper and brushed DC motor drivers, and analog switches. These high-performance, flexible components provide cutting-edge protections and integration in tiny package sizes. Dependable innovation and efficiency help you design better, faster NAS systems and get them to market quickly.
MPS’s cost-effective, high power density solutions provide all your need to power the next generation of network-attached storage.
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