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Enterprise SSDs (PCIe & SAS) are tasked with providing greater storage capacity and meet stricter design requirements than client SSDs, for use in large servers and data centers. A quality SSD must offer low power consumption and high power density with excellent thermal management and overall energy efficiency. In addition, industry trends — such as the advancement of AI and machine learning, the popularity of streaming, and the rise of cloud-based services — require improved speed, performance, and storage capability at a lower cost and smaller size. Larger servers and data centers have also been tasked with lowering operating costs and providing more storage in smaller space allotments, adding to the demands on new SSDs. Most importantly, enterprise SSD (PCIe & SAS) designs need to offer reliable data storage and comprehensive protection from both fault conditions and external events.
Our hot-swap power backup devices, supervisory circuits, converters, and load switches help simplify design and improve efficiency in enterprise SSDs (PCIe & SAS). All of our solutions include comprehensive protection features, thermal management, and innovative technology to meet the growing demands of data storage without sacrificing cost or quality.
MPS has the industry experience and leading-edge solutions, in tiny package sizes, to efficiently power even the strictest of enterprise SSD design requirements.
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