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Drones and multicopters are a rapidly growing market, as consumer applications increase and prices plummet. New drone models must be able to offer advanced speed, navigation, and control systems as well as the longest possible airtime. Safety, reliability, and ease of use are crucial to each part — and the holistic function — of these small unmanned aircraft. To ensure that flight is safe and efficient, drones need to be lightweight with highly accurate motor control and fast communications. These strict design requirements mean that each component must be highly efficient, compact, and minimize power consumption.

Our motor drivers, angle and position sensors, chargers, and regulators offer all the necessary elements to deliver the best control and power efficiency in cutting-edge drone and multicopter designs. These parts feature high performance and reliability, as well as low power consumption, to simplify the design process.

MPS’s portfolio of solutions offer high efficiency and minimal cost in tiny package sizes, providing everything you need to power up the system.
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