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Mobile devices, and smartphones in particular, are one of today’s largest technology markets. As the market continues to grow, it is changing and increasing complexity faster than ever. The combination of consumer expectations and increased power demands due to smartphones’ many integrated technologies and features mean that companies need to always be ready for what’s coming next.

Today, the leading smartphones offer exceptionally high levels of integration on a single platform, including: 
- Higher processing power
- 5G and beyond (while still supporting 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE)
- WLAN/Wi-Fi, navigation, and other communications technologies
- Increased memory, software, and hardware requirements
- Balance of convenience and security
- Longer battery life
- All contained in a compact, handheld solution

Our comprehensive power solutions include converters, switches, chargers, protection ICs, drivers, and regulators — everything needed to design smartphones that can offer the highest performance with low power consumption. These parts help simplify the design process, as well as enable streamlined operation and easy, safe control of device power and function.

MPS’s leading technology provides high efficiency and tiny solution sizes at a minimal cost, to make it simple to power up the system.

Explore our low power angle sensor solutions for foldable phones.

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